Proven Solution for Neuropathy & Chronic Pain

Balance problems often result from neuropathy and chronic pain – and concerns about balance and falls are an everyday worry for your elderly patients. Neurogenx can help.

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Neurogenx makes it easy to address your patients’ balance concerns with a variety of medical services & products, including:

  • Equipment for balance diagnostics & balance re-training
  • Fall prevention and balance assessment checklists
  • Therapeutic shoes & AFOs
  • Certified shoe fitters to measure and fit your patients
  • Complete, accredited DMEPOS services, including insurance paperwork management and submission
  • Customized marketing material for internal & external use

Get all the details by downloading your copy of the Neurogenx Balance Program Overview.

  • Provide balance assessment using advanced diagnostic technology to assess issues, validate need for treatment & chart progress
  • Offer therapeutic balance training with a special software package that lets patients do balance exercises on the platform
  • Three-component force platform that connects to your laptop or PC. Durable and portable; easy to set up and use. Includes software for screening and reporting as well as perturbed foam surface.

  • Non-surgical, FDA-cleared electromedical treatment clinically effective in 87% of patients
  • Resolves or significantly reduces chronic pain and neuropathic symptoms such as burning, tingling & numbness
  • Successful for resolving chronic pain associated with many medical conditions
  • Helps reverse nerve damage by facilitating the growth of new nerve fibers. Results confirmed by independent ENFD laboratory tests
  • Treatment results are long-lasting. In most patients, results are permanent when the condition that produced the pain/neuropathy is addressed
  • 15 years of proven clinical success

What Neurogenx Preferred Providers Think

 “I read all the scientific reports I could find and I was still a skeptic. Then I saw how well some patients did... Neurogenx is definitely a viable neuropathy treatment where other options have failed.”

- Steven Weinshel, MD, JD

“The Neurogenx protocol is unequivocally the most advanced and effective treatment available in the world today to help patients overcome the severe, chronic pain of neuropathy.”

- Terel S. Newton, MD

 “After Neurogenx, my patients are sleeping better, have increased their activity and have been able to reduce their medications. I am pleased to say that Neurogenx delivers as promised!”

- Billy R. Smith, MD

“Extremely effective . . . markedly improves pain and quality of life without the side effects of drugs.” 

- Richard Jacoby, DPM


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